Proudly Presenting SKYFRUIT the Secret Solution

SKYFRUIT also known as the queen of plants has been consumed for over 1000 years in the South Pacific and other tropical areas of the world. Knowledge of its  health properties has been handed down from generation to generation to the present day.

SKYFRUIT matures from blossom stage in about 90 days. The trees contain fruit of all stages of maturity. Mature trees typically stand 40 to 60 meters tall.

Prior to 2000, it has never been harvested and processed on a large scale commercially. A Malaysian company by the name XKL Worldwide was the first company to discover a way to process the fruit and keep the vital components intact to the final product.

XKL Worldwide harvests SKYFRUIT exclusively in the Solomon Islands following XKL Worldwide's discovery that SKYFRUIT from the Solomon Islands contains 30% more of the vital nutrients and components than skyfruit grown elsewhere.

Skyfruit juice premix is processed in XKL Worldwide's facility in the Solomon Islands. Strict standards are followed on every batch to ensure potency and purity. XKL Worldwide developed an 8-step Quality Assurance program.

Skyfruit juiceProduct Description

XKL SkyFruit Juice Premix is formulated utilizing very highly concentrated Sky Fruit Extract as raw material and processed with hi-technology at a GMP approved laboratory. XKL SkyFruit Juice Premix works on the principle of promoting blood circulation and hence improving the delivery of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. SkyFruit Juice Premix has for many men in many cases enhanced their performance in physical love and sexual health. Fast acting in around 30 minutes, men can expect increased rigidity and duration with heightened sensation plus faster recovery time.  

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