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The order arrived in perfect condition and I have tried it and it is everything that has been stated. Regards Keith

Would like to tell you that I used your Skyfruit the first time yesterday and itís fantastic! Great product!! Thanks Alberto

I mixed it up, added a little bit of sweet soft drink (the taste was a bit too bitter) and we each had half. It had a very good effect - on us both, but most particularly on him. He couldn't wipe the smile from his face. Lyn.-  NSW

Skyfruit Juice gives me more energy and endurance, now enjoying a much more active sex life.  John E.- WA

Very happy with product, it even fixes my gut problems and haemorrhoids!- Laurie S.-QLD

I've tried many products before and started with a trial pack, Skyfruit works great and have ordered a full box. Mark K.- Orange NSW

Excellent product, has helped with my blood pressure problem as well.- Rolf K.-NSW

Good results - and I'm over 80. (was sent back with a reorder form)  Norman R.- NSW

Thanks for a wonderful product. It has far exceeded my expectations!-John M.-NT

It definitely makes a difference to our sex life!  Jon H.- Sutherland NSW

Works just as good as my prescription product and certainly much more affordable. Tony W.-NSW

I recently tried SkyFruit Juice Premix. I still could not believe how well it works and no side effects unlike many other products I have tried!   Bill M.- Hornsby NSW

I used to get tired easily all the time. Since taking skyfruit juice about 2 weeks ago, I have lots more energy, got my sex life back again and my wife is happier than ever. Thankyou.  Bruce T.- Albury NSW

Sex has never been better since taking the skyfruit product about 2 months ago. I no longer have to worry about erection problems and sex is more pleasurable. Thankyou Vitality from me and my wife too. Trevor J. - Newcastle NSW

Your product has exceeded my expectations. I was diagnosed a while back with a problem, not making enough testosterone due to accidental damage around the groin area. I had to have my hips replaced and x-rays by the bucketload to repair a broken pelvis and severe damage to legs etc etc. after my motorbike accident. Anyhow I was virtually non-functional for 30 years. Skyfruit juice taken daily at half a sachet has made me ready for action whenever required. Thankyou for that opportunity.-Ralph H.-NSW

Skyfruit juice is such an amazing product it should be shouted from the roof tops!-Michael C-QLD



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